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Understand the stakes of childcare, interpret the orientation and development of the market, and the keys to sucess : during three days, BABYCOOL PARIS offers speeches given by experts, to paint a portrait of the field.
In a constantly evolving market, Babycool Paris wants to helps you expand your business, thanks to conferences and working groups. Sign up as soon as you register, and participate during the 3 days of the exhibition.
Here bellow the podcasts of the latest conferences.

Referencing exclusive partners

Presentation by Elsa Hervy, FFEC (French Federation of Private Daycare Centres) Elsa Hervy (Senior Manager) will present the FFEC and suggest partnerships. The Fédération Française des Entreprises de Crèches (French Federation of Private Daycare Centres) brings together companies that offer facilities for children under 6 months old. The FFEC represents 1,500 nurseries with a capacity of 41,000 children, as well as 17,000 employees.

“Stores are not on the way out, BUT… “

Olivier Dauvers's publications include: “Le commerce en 2053” (2003), “Tranches de vie commerciale” (a new edition has been released every year since 2004), “La Saga du commerce français” (2004), “Value for money – De l'ère du prix à l'ère de la valeur” (2007), “Mieux piloter sa Relation-Client” (2010) and “Les incontournables du commerce de demain” (2015).

Olivier Dauvers regularly gives talks at the IFM fashion school in Paris and lectures widely. He discusses economic challenges, consumer sociology, knowing your clients with respect to point-of-sales marketing, and the future of the retail sector.

“Brands and Opinion Leaders: What are the Different Types of Relationship?”

Members of the Parents' Prize jury (Aurélie - Zozo Mum, Lalie - Maman Floutch, Angie - Youtube Angélique marquise des langes, Marie-Charlotte - Home Marie Charlotte, Julie - Fleur en sucre, Lindsay - Bien vivre sa grossesse, Marilyne - Securange and Cécile - Withalovelikethat) present their views.

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“Corporate Marketing and Communication Tools”

Kidiwiz is a specialist marketing agency targeting the early childhood sector and, more generally, the Parent-Children-Family sector. Kidiwiz helps brands and companies communicate effectively online, irrespective of their company size and the challenges they face. Using social networks, Kidiwiz creates promotional materials and communication tools which are specially-adapted to brands, target markets, and challenges, and designs procurement plans in line with company budgets.

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“Exporting to China thanks to E-commerce marketplaces such as TMall (Alibaba), JD, Worldwide, and Kaola”


The programme includes: E-commerce in China: figures, characteristics, and trends. Overview of cross-border marketplaces. How French companies can position themselves on marketplaces: obstacles and challenges. GEOPOST's BOUTIQUE FRANCE solution: What services are being offered? The marketing budget allocated by La Poste to promote Boutique France as well as brands, institutional partners, etc.

Contributors: A speaker from Geopost specialised in digital marketing and the Chinese Internet environment (Alibaba, JD, and Tencent) A speaker from La Poste - Colissimo to explain solutions for shipping to China Marc Lissak - Director of Boutique France and the e-commerce division of the La Poste - Geopost group Marie-Laure Vivet - Manager for international development at BU Colis - La Poste

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“Technological breakthroughs and their economic impact on the childcare sector”

Which technological breakthroughs are having the biggest impact on trade and the childcare sector? Which breakthroughs will transform the lives of clients? Which technologies should be prioritised?

The presentation is sponsored by the French Federation of the Toy and Childcare Industries in collaboration with Frank Rosenthal.

Frank Rosenthal is an expert in commercial marketing for businesses, stores, corporate networks, advertising agencies, and communication groups. He undertakes a specific diagnosis for each marketing and communication challenge and proposes solutions. Frank builds on his knowledge of the commercial and distribution sectors. He has published over 3,000 articles on his blog since 2008, has international benchmarks in over 100 cities and 20 countries, and has visited more than 3,000 stores. He has worked for more than 75 stores and 80 brands over the past 15 years, and as an independent consultant for approximately 50 clients. He is the author of 7 books on trade. His latest, "Donner du sens au commerce", was published in January 2018 by Editions Kawa.

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“The role of brands and stores in disseminating safety information”

“Sustainable development in daycare centres: health of children and professionals, environmental considerations, and practices to be adopted”

Presentation by Catherine Lelièvre from LES PROS DE LA PETITE ENFANCE

With the participation of: Claire Grolleau-Escriva, CEO of Ecolo Crèche ; Frédérique Guilbert, Manager of the Education and Sustainable Development at Crèche Attitude ; Sylvie Guillou, Doctor of Chemistry and early childhood instructor (Secali) ; A representative of the Joliot Curie municipal daycare centre (Limoges), committed to fighting against endocrine disruptors ; A representative of MAM "Orge’Mômes" in Epinay-sur-Seine.

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“Should standards be simplified in early childhood centers?”

Presentation by Catherine Lelièvre, member of Pros de la Petite Enfance.

With the participation of : Elisabeth Laithier, deputy mayor in charge of early childhood of the city of Nancy, co-chairman of the group Early Childhood of the AMF (Society of Mayors of France) ; David Blein, Head of office of families and parenthood at the DGCS (Directorate General of Social Cohesion) ; Sylvain Forestier, Headof the FFEC ( French Federation of Childcare center companies) ; A representative of the SNMPMI (National Union of Doctors of Maternal and Child Welfare).

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Neuf Mois Tombola and Cocktail

Exhibitors and manufacturers are invited to take part in the tombola for a chance to win an ad in Neuf Mois and to attend a Neuf Mois cocktail reception.

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BabyCool Paris is the leading professional trade fair in the childcare, early childhood, locomotion and didactic toys, nutrition and well-being sectors. Focusing on the latest products and best innovations, for 15 years BabyCool has been showcasing the trends that will dominate our future in all categories.

Manufacturers and distributors have the opportunity to meet in a friendly environment to take advantage of a series of presentations, workshops, and special events that paint a picture of the baby and childhood industry, from birth to age 3.

BabyCool Paris is also the federator of new values as ecology, French manufacturing, local activity, etc by giving enough space to innovative companies and creating two new awards, the Made in France ‘Coup de Coeur’ prize and the Eco-Design Prize.

An essential event for players in this sector, BabyCool Paris goes on and stays an invaluable source of information and inspiration and a way of keeping up with the latest trends.


BabyCool Paris trade fair will not be held in 2019.

Discover our now B2C event : the Salon des Familles (maternity, paternity, children from 0 to 6 years).

Magicmaman joins us as a privileged partner at the Salon des Familles.
Program: brand interviews, conference presentations and workshop proposals

An immersive experience in the world of the early childhood.

January 10, 11 and 12, 2020, Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles


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