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Competitions and awards ceremonies

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Each year, the Babycool Paris trade fair gives prizes to the best innovations. Firmly turned toward the future, Babycool honours outstanding products in various categories. The juries, made up of specialists and users of the market, are invited to test the products before electing this year’s winners.


Judged by a panel of professional journalists, the childcare press, and the mainstream media, the Design and Innovation Prize is attributed to 4 items in the small and large childcare product range. The 2018 award winners will be announced during the opening of the trade fair on the 1st of September.

Membres du Jury :
Professional journalists

  • Les pros de la petite enfance partenaire Babycool paris
  • neuf mois sponsor Babycool Paris
  • ActuBaby partenaire de Babycool
  • Parole de Mamans partenaire de Babycool


As leading consumers in the childcare sector, parents are also invited to participate in selecting the most innovative products. 8 ambassadors including Zozo Mum, Maman Floutch, Sécurange, le Monde des petites plumes, Fleur en sucre (les Yeux de mamans), Marquise des langes, Bien Vivre sa Grossesse and Withalovelikethat  award 8 Prizes during "Family Day".

Membres du Jury :
Zozo Mum, Maman Floutch, Sécurange, le Monde des petites plumes, Fleur en sucre (les Yeux de mamans), Marquise des langes, Bien Vivre sa Grossesse et Withalovelikethat.

Made in France ‘Coup de Coeur’ Prize

In order to value the French companies focused on local manufacturing and job creation on the national territory.

Membres du Jury :
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    Eco-Design Prize

    A special prize devoted to manufacturers focused on a new design, more ecological and sustainable.

    Membres du Jury :
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      BabyCool Paris is the leading professional trade fair in the childcare, early childhood, locomotion and didactic toys, nutrition and well-being sectors. Focusing on the latest products and best innovations, for 15 years BabyCool has been showcasing the trends that will dominate our future in all categories.

      Manufacturers and distributors have the opportunity to meet in a friendly environment to take advantage of a series of presentations, workshops, and special events that paint a picture of the baby and childhood industry, from birth to age 3.

      BabyCool Paris is also the federator of new values as ecology, French manufacturing, local activity, etc by giving enough space to innovative companies and creating two new awards, the Made in France ‘Coup de Coeur’ prize and the Eco-Design Prize.

      An essential event for players in this sector, BabyCool Paris goes on and stays an invaluable source of information and inspiration and a way of keeping up with the latest trends.


      BabyCool Paris trade fair will not be held in 2019.

      Discover our now B2C event : the Salon des Familles (maternity, paternity, children from 0 to 6 years).

      Magicmaman joins us as a privileged partner at the Salon des Familles.
      Program: brand interviews, conference presentations and workshop proposals

      An immersive experience in the world of the early childhood.

      January 10, 11 and 12, 2020, Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles


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