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1. An international clientele

The Babycool Paris trade fair is internationally renowned. Buyers from all over the world meet there every year to discover innovations in the baby and early childhood sectors and invest in the French market. Babycool Paris provides you with exceptional visibility and the unique opportunity for visitors to preview your latest products.

2. Exclusive visitors

Take part in a well-known event, bringing together all players in the babies and toddlers development and care sectors, including manufacturers, retailers, e-commerce specialists, major buyers, laboratories, buyers for nurseries and local governments, and people in charge of purchasing in the educational field. What are they looking for? 95% come to discover new products and 75% come to see how the trade fair operates: remember to bring your prices for next edition!

3. Babycool’s reputation

For 15 years, Babycool Paris has given a comprehensive, detailed overview of the baby and early childhood sector. Nationally and internationally renowned, it attracts the biggest brands in the industry, as well as buyers from around the world and the trade press each year. Transform your business and increase awareness of your brand among existing and potential clients by taking part in this well-known event, the only specialised BtoB one of its kind in France.

4. Guaranteed media coverage

Babycool Paris has become the reference for the market’s main players. Throughout the year and during the trade fair, Babycool Paris is in contact with both the baby and early childhood press and the mainstream media. More than one hundred journalists will be present to cover the event. To maximise your visibility even further, we have set up ad-word campaigns and update our social media and network of influencers on a daily basis.

5. Renowned Influential partners

Babycool Paris makes it their mission to showcase your products, services, and innovations to a well-targeted, professional clientele. That is why we decided to establish specific partnerships to meet clients’ requirements.

ACTUBABY- the essential newsletter for keeping up to date with the world of babies and expectant mothers.

ACONTICOM- our press relations agency enhances visibility and attracts the attention of journalists, conveying maximum information in a minimum amount of time.

Reflecting the diversity of the SMEs that form it, the French Federation of the Toy and Childcare Industries is an invaluable resource.

GFK works in association with Babycool on a regular basis to shed light on information and key statistics in the childcare sector.
Each quarter, GFK publishes exclusive information about market trends for each type of product on Babycool’s social media pages.

KIDIWIZ, a specialised marketing agency targeting the Parent-Children-Family sector, offers a dedicated portal giving marketing information and advice. Together, we founded FAMILY DAY, making Babycool Paris an essential event for brands at all levels of communication to maximise their visibility before, during, and after the trade fair.

THE EARLY CHILDHOOD PROS, a leading website for early childhood professionals, provides multiple perspectives on early childhood and educational practices.

ADRESS COMPANY BABY positions itself as a complete Media Agency specialized into communication to mothers-to-be and young mothers. Adress Company Baby offers different types of services such as database management, influence marketing, monetization of your data…

6. Creating a buzz on social media

Since our main objective is to build long-lasting relationships and provide an interface all year long between Babycool, exhibitors (baby and early childhood brands), visitors (buyers, buying syndicates, partners), we have decided to significantly increase our digital presence in conjunction with our partner Kidiwiz, particularly on social media. We have also created a community of opinion leaders and bloggers to share our news.



BabyCool Paris is the leading professional trade fair in the childcare, early childhood, locomotion and didactic toys, nutrition and well-being sectors. Focusing on the latest products and best innovations, for 15 years BabyCool has been showcasing the trends that will dominate our future in all categories.

Manufacturers and distributors have the opportunity to meet in a friendly environment to take advantage of a series of presentations, workshops, and special events that paint a picture of the baby and childhood industry, from birth to age 3.

BabyCool Paris is also the federator of new values as ecology, French manufacturing, local activity, etc by giving enough space to innovative companies and creating two new awards, the Made in France ‘Coup de Coeur’ prize and the Eco-Design Prize.

An essential event for players in this sector, BabyCool Paris goes on and stays an invaluable source of information and inspiration and a way of keeping up with the latest trends.


BabyCool Paris trade fair will not be held in 2019.

Discover our now B2C event : the Salon des Familles (maternity, paternity, children from 0 to 6 years).

Magicmaman joins us as a privileged partner at the Salon des Familles.
Program: brand interviews, conference presentations and workshop proposals

An immersive experience in the world of the early childhood.

January 10, 11 and 12, 2020, Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles


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MAGICMAMAN, du Groupe MARIE CLAIRE : partenaire privilégié du Salon des Familles. Mardi 18 juin, Amalric PONCET dir… https://t.co/FqQxXVJx4O


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